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What is a life coach?

I know the word life coach gets a bad connotation to it, as everyone lately has termed themselves a life coach.  I am not knocking anyone either.  When I started my practice in 2010 I knew there was a missing piece as I was seeing a shift that people were unsatisfied with their life by not being able to reach their goals.  I over the years previously had gone through an extensive shift in myself to become a different person, and that is what I saw was needed-people didn’t need new or bigger goals they needed a whole “being” shift.  That is why I named my business Strong Within, as I saw that to have true lasting change we had to develop from the inside out.


I consider myself a life architect helping you to create the blueprint that you want your life to be built upon.  The greatest thing holding people back are not all the obstacles outside of them, but the barriers within them that tell them they can’t, they’re not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, or whatever B.S. we tell ourselves that hold us back from being the amazing people we were intended to be.


We all have the answers within us, and a great life coach will help someone who is stuck in certain areas of their life by asking them powerful questions to help the person view the problem, their power, and their life differently.  It is why I named my business Strong Within.  I know you have the answers within you—you just need someone to ask the right questions to help you start believing in your strength again.  One of the greatest things I help people to do is to be the mirror to help them see who they truly are to begin loving themselves again, so they can have the courage to be their most authentic self.  When we become our natural self our talents and skills excel because we aren’t fighting against ourselves anymore, and we feel comfortable enough to go after what we truly desire without worrying about what other people will think. We stop worrying about failure because the goal is bigger than the fear now that you know who you are.


If you think about what any building, wedding, or even sports game plan have in common is they have a great game plan.  So why would your life be any different?  The greatest things in life have a map or plan and many of us go about our lives without considering who we are or what we truly want…thus we are never able to be purposeful about our actions and our wants for life.  We feel around in the dark hoping things will fall into place.


As a life coach I help my clients to stop hoping and to stop feeling around in the dark.  I help them develop a strong foundation in their personal life blueprint.  So no matter what your problem is whether it be in business development or personal development, a great life coach can help you see the truth in who you are, create a plan with you, help hold you accountable in taking action, and then celebrate the wins with you.   Get in touch with me if you’d like to see if we are a good fit for each other in overcoming the obstacles you are dealing with now.



The Strong Within Plan:

I believe we all have the answers within us, and I will ask powerful questions that will begin the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual work in helping you to become strong from the inside out.

• Seeking The Courage Within (Loving Yourself/Knowing Your Worth)
• Finding Your Voice Within (Awareness)
• Creating Your Values Within (Values)
• Modifying Your Wants Within (Holding Up The Mirror)
• Building Upon Your Strengths Within (Utilizing Your Inner Allies)
• Affirming Your Personal Blueprint Within (Writing a Solid Internal Blueprint)
• Utilizing The Velocity Within (Alignment by Refocusing Your Energy)
• Accepting Your Rewards (Worth and Acceptance of the great things you deserve)

Stop hoping and let me empower you to take action.  Everyone is different and no one game plan fits all, so I will help you craft your personal blueprint to overcome the things you are struggling with.  Whether that be starting the business you have always wanted, getting over your ex and moving into better life pastures, figuring out who you are and what your strengths are so you can feel more confident in taking a direction that suits who you are, having the confidence to be and do anything you are truly interested in, or loving yourself enough to begin having the courage to become your authentic self sharing your wonderful gifts with the world.  You are worthy of great things, and I would love to remind you about your greatness again.

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  • It seems naturally human that people tend to draw closer to those who help them feel as though their lives have been improved in some way by certain individuals--Chris has been one such individual in my life.  I have watched him work with many people from many different walks of life and I am always in awe at his ability to connect and uplift. I feel blessed to have worked with Chris and believe he has a genuine desire and passion to reach those who seek his help.
    Laura FinneyFormer Client
  • When I first met with Chris, I knew he had a special way in connecting with people. My divorce changed me in many ways. It is a long recovery and Chris is guiding me to a new journey in my life. If your life seems difficult, and you don’t know who to turn to give Chris a call.
    H.P.Former Client
  • I was unhappy with many areas of my life so I decided to do something about it. I contacted Chris, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Since working with him, my attitude towards my job, my diabetes, myself, and my life has completely changed. Negative thoughts still slip through my mind, but Chris has equipped me with strategies to straddle over those obstacles and avoid getting stuck in another mental pothole.
    Sara BellahFormer Client


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