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What’s the greatest thing holding you back from your dreams?

Boldness.  What?!! What does that even mean Chris???

It’s the unshakeable confidence to be daring and bold in your whole being to chase after what truly matters to you.

The reason you’re not where you want to be, the reason you’re stuck in certain areas of your life is because of the way you process your situation.  Everything we do in our lives is in our control. We are not in control of others, but we decide how we want to experience each situation.

We as individuals have the tendency to focus more on why we can’t, what could go wrong, how it would be too hard, take too long, how we aren’t educated enough, or we don’t have the right help…and in the end you not only create that reality but you also attract it.

The things you are seeking are actually seeking you. So, the way you speak, think, and act will determine the outcome of your life.  It will determine whether you consider yourself a victim and blame things on circumstances for not allowing you to thrive, or you can know you are in control of more than just your voluntary actions.


So where are you stuck in your life?

  • –Have you always dreamed about writing a book or becoming a better speaker?
  • –Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer who’s doubting and blocking yourself from your limiting beliefs?
  • –Are you stuck in the same unfulfilling job dreaming of chasing after something more meaningful to you?
  • –Are you stuck in your marriage or relationship and want to make it better but are feeling the weight and pressure of it not turning out as well as you’d hoped?
  • –Are you stuck in your personal development endeavors and never really find that you make traction in the things you wish to do or set out to do?


Many cognitive neuroscientists have done studies and found that only 5% of our cognitive activities are conscious whereas the remaining 95% is generated in a non-conscious manner. 

But I have come to know, that we have been going about our lives with an incorrect map. We think that since most of what is done is on the subconscious level then it is out of our control, but I would love to help you shatter that paradigm.

You see, you are more than just the voluntary nerves in your body. You are more than just the conscious thoughts.  You are your voluntary and involuntary processes.


Think of it like this…

  • –Does your body function just because; as if there’s nothing behind it?
  • –Do you beat your heart or does something else beat it for you?
  • –Do all the organs in your body just happen to work because they were placed inside of you, or do you operate and help them to function on a deeper level?


Now this is not a philosophical talk on the functions of your body, but more in the understanding that while people will tell you that the non-conscious part is separate from you… I am here to tell you that you are in more control than you think you are.

When you begin to see that you are not a victim, and that your thoughts and wants create things, you begin shifting the whole way you achieve things in your life…and you create a life that not only is more fulfilled, but more in your power to manifest exactly how you wish it to be.


So no matter where you feel stuck in your life I would love to help you. Whether it be:

  • –Through my Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast
  • –Through my soon to be published book on having unshakeable confidence (I’m still deciding on the title)
  • –Through my self-study video course on Becoming Strong Within with your life. CLICK HERE to view it
  • –Or through my coaching programs


I would love to help you in any way possible.  So why not start with the podcast since it’s free and let me know what you think about it and give me a buzz if you think you need help in being BOLDER in your life.



The Strong Within Plan:
I believe we all have the answers within us, and I will ask powerful questions that will begin the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual work in helping you to become strong from the inside out.

• –Seeking The Courage Within (Loving Yourself/Knowing Your Worth)
•–Finding Your Voice Within (Awareness)
• –Creating Your Values Within (Values)
• –Modifying Your Wants Within (Holding Up The Mirror)
• –Building Upon Your Strengths Within (Utilizing Your Inner Allies)
•–Affirming Your Personal Blueprint Within (Writing a Solid Internal Blueprint)
• –Utilizing The Velocity Within (Alignment by Refocusing Your Energy)
•–Accepting Your Rewards (Worth and Acceptance of the great things you deserve)


So where are you stuck in your life??? Wouldn’t it be nice to free yourself from the prison you have trapped yourself in?

Well, that’s what I help all my clients to do, first to understand the prison is only there because they have constructed the bars around themselves, and then we go through the beliefs, mindset, and behaviors that create you to be the person you want to be.

It’s about learning to become who you have always been since your birth…someone who was meant to be successful, not unsuccessful. You are meant to be healthy , not unhealthy. And you are meant to be BOLD in every aspect of your life, not live in mediocrity and fear.

Take a look at my site, and when you are done get intouch with me for a FREE 30 minute Life Coaching Session to see what I can help you do in changing your life. 865-219-3247

I’m looking forward to seeing you shine, and working together to make this world, and your life an amazing adventure.

Let’s go out and be STRONG WITHIN together.

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  • Chris always has a way of helping me see the good, and can redirect any situation to help me see it a new light through reflection and thought. Having such a positive influence in my life was just what I needed to begin feeling good about myself and uncovering my own self worth. I’ve been so blessed to have Chris a part of my life, and I would not have come as far as I have without his guidance and support.
    Kelsey GodfreyFormer Client
  • I was unhappy with many areas of my life so I decided to do something about it. I contacted Chris, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Since working with him, my attitude towards my job, my diabetes, myself, and my life has completely changed. Negative thoughts still slip through my mind, but Chris has equipped me with strategies to straddle over those obstacles and avoid getting stuck in another mental pothole.
    Sara BellahFormer Client
  • It seems naturally human that people tend to draw closer to those who help them feel as though their lives have been improved in some way by certain individuals--Chris has been one such individual in my life.  I have watched him work with many people from many different walks of life and I am always in awe at his ability to connect and uplift. I feel blessed to have worked with Chris and believe he has a genuine desire and passion to reach those who seek his help.
    Laura FinneyFormer Client


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