284 I Don’t Seek The Light I Am The Light | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast July 2017 Wednesday Week 2

284 I Don’t Seek The Light I Am The Light | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast July 2017 Wednesday Week 2

I Don’t Seek The Light I Am The Light

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Wisdom Wednesdays-#284 The Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast

I Don’t Seek The Light I Am The Light

On the night of March 13th 1964 a woman was raped and killed in a Queens, New York Alleyway. It was reported that 38 people heard it happen and did nothing…one lady called after the woman who was attacked was already dead. At the time it was thought there as a moral decay in society and that people were indifferent to act.

I was speaking about this incident years ago either in a class or with a friend as we talked about a safety bias. That we think someone else is taking care of things so we don’t want to get in the way, or bother someone else (such as the 911 one operators are getting tons of calls in on this and I don’t want to slow anything down in the system), or that we don’t have to take care of something as someone more qualified than us will take care of it. And so people thought someone else must have called 911, “I don’t have to do it because someone else has beat me to it already I’m sure.”

Yes, there could be many more reasons why people didn’t call. They didn’t want to get involved, they were scared, they thought it was fake, they believed the woman was ok, etc.  The moral fiber of this argument is when you understand you are the light—YOU, do what’s right…always. You do what you feel is the best action in the situation instead of weighing the options of not being a burden.

Your role may not even be taking the lead, such as in a CPR situation. When a person is going into a cardiac arrest, if there is more than one person doing the rescue procedures, someone will need to take the lead and give out commands. Time is urgent and you want to have a minimal amount of wasted movements as possible. By being the light of this world, you fit in where you’re needed when needed, you rise up to be more than needed, and you remember who you’re meant to be…not a passive being, but an active being in sharing your light and talents with this world.

We are the light of the word, we are the hands of God, we are the voice of God, we are the love of God. We look at tragedies and ask where was God through all of this…

He is within us at every moment to share the best parts of ourselves. The world won’t get better by itself, not unless we partake in knowing that we are its keepers. God ISN’T… the absentee landlord who has abandoned us, but rather God HAS… given us the power to share love and make this world a better place, to make someone’s day brighter, to let people know they matter, to heal people, and to show a light that this world needs to see again. So when you question where’s God in all of this, you are being unproductive and lazy as you are expecting for someone or something else to take action…you are the work, you are the healing, you are the faith… and you connect deeper with God when you bring his love and work to this world through your anticipation and responses thru action. You are a messenger of love, faith, and hope. Be the light today, so someone can see that they can be the light as well.

Today’s Personal Commitment:
What does being a brighter light in this world mean to you? Is it being more concerned with people and engaging to see how they are doing? Is it doing the small things in life that wake you up and make you more present about being other people’s care takers such as opening the door for people, letting someone else go ahead of you in the grocery line as they look like they’re in a bigger rush, or is it being kinder and waving or saying hello to more people as you truly are concerned with how their day is going?  Everyone’s light will be different. How would you like to start shining your light differently today?

I Don’t Seek The Light I Am The Light



Thanks for listening.  I’m sending great energy your way as we become Strong Within together,
Personal Development Life Coach-
Chris O’Hearn

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