285 I Focus On What’s Useful | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast July 2017 Thursday Week 2

285 I Focus On What’s Useful | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast July 2017 Thursday Week 2

I Focus On What’s Useful

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Thoughtful Thursdays-#285 The Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast

I Focus On What’s Useful

We have the tendency to look at what’s wrong first. To see a problem and try to figure it out, or maybe see a problem and decide there’s nothing that we can do about it.  I was watching a documentary that had an author by the name of Dan Harris in it. His book is called 10% Happier. He’s a strong proponent for meditation. He was a reporter and was having panic and anxiety attacks on live TV and so he began looking into better ways to help calm himself besides talking medications or drugs that weren’t helping him like he had hoped.

He began meditating and it worked wonders for him. He was talking with one of his guru’s about how there’s real stress in the world, and that you can’t just ignore it. They got to talking about flights and airports as with Dan’s job he traveled a lot, and Dan would say how stressful it could be in layovers and connecting flights as he would might miss his next flight if his plane didn’t land at a certain time. And his master agreed that it can be stressful to miss your flight, but then he asked Dan another question… when is that thought useful. When does the worrying end, does it end after you’ve made your 18th flight, does that worrying end after the 50th time?  And so he told Dan, instead of focusing on the worry of missing his flight…to ask a better question. “Is this useful?” Is his worrying useful?

You can ask that question in any aspect of your life… when you’re looking at something you’re worrying about you can ask yourself…”is this a useful way of utilizing my time…is this helping?”

By looking at how we speak we begin looking at our beliefs. A belief isn’t something that is a cold hard fact…our beliefs are dictated by our behaviors. The more we think, say, or do something…then the more it will become part of our belief systems.  And when looking at the your behaviors…it can be a great way to bring clarity and ask yourself is this useful for me to be thinking and functioning this way?

The great thing about this question is it’s not putting the blame on anyone. It’s just a question that helps us to step back and get better perspective. It’s a question that helps us to focus away from what we don’t want…to pause and give us the room to think a little bit, as we don’t feel pressured, and hurried to change right away. It helps us to come to that a-ha moment…and those moments have the greatest pivots for me because in this great epiphany I’ve realized something better can be done. And when we find that hope, it gives us energy to go after that change with a new vigor.

Today’s Personal Commitment:
Go about your day and when you find yourself stressed or worrying about something…ask yourself, “is this useful?” Get accustomed to asking that question, and I can guarantee that the more you do it, then the more you’ll find your life flowing with much more ease and fulfillment.

I Focus on What’s Useful



Thanks for listening.  I’m sending great energy your way as we become Strong Within together,
Personal Development Life Coach-
Chris O’Hearn

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