341 I Am Free From Concern | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast December 2017 Thursday Week 2

341 I Am Free From Concern | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast December 2017 Thursday Week 2

I Am Free From Concern

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Thoughtful Thursdays-#341 December 7 The Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast

I Am Free From Concern

I was listening to actor and comedian Jim Carrey in his documentary Jim & Andy on Netflix. He said that when he was doing his stand-up comedy, originally he would just sweat it out and do weird things seeing what would happen. Then at night, he’d lay in bed asking what did the audience want? He knew what he wanted, he wanted to be a successful actor and comedian…and then the lightbulb hit him… “they want to be free from concern….They needed to be free from concern, so I’m gonna appear to be the guy that’s free from concern.”

So what’s keeping you from being free from concern? What are the things that are holding you back from giving your best self to the world? For me, I admire those comedians and actors on how they can go out in public and act a certain way. I see how they can get in front of a film crew, or an audience on stage, and laugh crazily, cry out loud, or utilize any other sort of emotions that might be seen as boisterous in public. And when I’m not lost in the scene with that actor, I question myself on how they do it…as I know, I’d be embarrassed putting those emotions out on display for others to see.

But maybe there’s something more to it than that. Maybe it’s not that I’m afraid of showing my emotions to people in public, but it’s more that I’m afraid of being someone or something else in front of people. That I would be unauthentic to who I am… and acting would be me faking things.

They say one of the secrets of life is to not be concerned with what others think about us. I had a friend who would constantly say… “your opinion of me is none of my business.” And he wasn’t saying it in a hateful or sarcastic way, but it was a reminder to himself that he wasn’t in control what others thought about him, and that he wanted to put his thoughts and energies into something more productive. He wanted to be free from the concern of others, so he could be concerned with what he was in control of and what he wanted to be doing with his life.

Now my concerns may not be yours. But there are worries we all have, that hold us back from being the people we want to be. So what are your concerns?

I think I want to augment Jim’s initial statement of being free from concern, and instead say living a life of direction. What I mean by that, is we usually are pushed or pulled in one of two directions. It’s the pain or pleasure principle—where we are avoiding what we’re afraid of, or we are going towards what we want.

People tell us to let go of the things that bother us, and I don’t believe we ever let go of anything. I believe we have the choice to put our energy and focus on where we choose to. So we can focus on the negative things in our lives as we try to let go of them, which then, we are putting more energy and focus into the thing we are trying not to. Or we can pivot, and put our energy and focus into the things that help us heal by placing our attention in another direction. It’s not avoiding; it’s making a choice to focus on things that build you up rather than break you down. So where would you like to put your focus? How can you free yourself from the concerns holding you back and begin to live a life of purposeful direction?

Today’s Personal Commitment:
What concerns in your life are keep you from being the person you want to be? I’m not saying you have to change overnight from being fearful into being super confident. But once you can bring to light the things you’re afraid of people finding out about you, you might just find that they aren’t as scary as you thought…or maybe you won’t care about hiding anymore once you air that fear out loud.

Life is not being confident as if fear will never touch you. Life is about doing what’s important to you despite the fear. The fear is just an indicator that something is worth it. If it wasn’t worth it, it might not matter to you as much. So have an honest conversation with yourself, maybe write those concerns down, and talk about why you are letting these things control your life.

What would it be like if you could be free from these concerns? What would it be like if you began choosing to live a life of purposeful direction—not away from your fears but towards them? For fears always look scary from far away. They look huge, powerful, and overwhelming but you will see the closer you walk towards them than the smaller and less menacing they look. And the more steps you take towards them, then the more confidence you will build up…to overpower them.

I Am Free From Concern




Thanks for listening.  I’m sending great energy your way as we become Strong Within together,
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