376 I’m Already Wealthy | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast January 2018 Thursday Week 2

376 I’m Already Wealthy | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast January 2018 Thursday Week 2

I’m Already Wealthy


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Thoughtful Thursdays-#367 January 11th The Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast

I’m Already Wealthy

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” Epictetus

I’m going to go deep on this podcast, so bear with me…grab some popcorn or whatever snack you prefer and let’s change together.

One illusion we live our lives in, is that we don’t have what we want or what we need. And thus we put our energies into focusing on what we lack instead of putting energy towards creating the thing we want.  And when we put our attention on what’s lacking, we train our subconscious to continue to keep coming back to that place as if it’s our home. Which then conditions our subconscious to create energies that focus on keeping ourselves confined within “want” instead of achievement.

The law of attraction states that likened things attract likened things. And there are people who say it’s all a bunch of malarkey, but it’s because they’ve named it something different. They’ve called it a miracle and act of God through prayer, they’ve called it the act of visualization and application, they’ve called it hard work and determination, or they’ve called it good energy focused efficiently…but in the end no matter what you call it, whether it be the law of attraction or something else, matters not…it matters about how you focus.

Ok, I’m going to get all brainiac on you here. Although I’m not a super genius, I’ll try to interpret these experiments as simply as I can for you. We’ve all heard of Einstein’s equation of E=MC2, or Energy=Mass times the speed of light squared, and basically this equation is saying that there’s no difference between mass and energy…they’re the same thing…which really blew my mind originally. Because how can energy have mass, how can it have form? And where I’m going with this, is that our thoughts are energy—which means they actually are physical things, they create things. But how can things that we supposedly cannot touch have form? Now before I get into experiment explaining this, think of it like this, while we cannot touch light physically, we still know it’s there…it’s still physically doing something.

There was an interesting experiment called the double slit experiment. So how it worked, was a board was set up set up in front of a screen. The board would either have one slit or two vertical slits cut out of it. They slits looked like a capital letter “I.”

Many different substances have been used in this experiment such as physical objects being shot at the board to light or lasers being shot at the board to understand how particles and waves act. The scientists wanted to understand what electrons were. Were they particles or were they waves? So they shot electrons at the board to see how they passed through the slit making an impression on the screen behind the board.

What they saw, was when the electrons went through the single slit they acted like a particle, they behaved as something that had mass. They formed an I shape on the screen behind the single slit board.

However, something interesting happened when the electrons went through the double slit. You would think the electrons would behave like they did in the first experiment and make two “I” shaped forms on the screen since the only thing that had changed was adding an another slit on the board. However what happened, was instead of two “I” shaped forms…it formed a band of multiple “I” shaped impressions of the slit on the screen.

What this experiment proved is that electrons can be two things; they can be physical, and they can be waveform. They aren’t confined to being one or the other. And this left people confused for a long time on how to define an electron, as either a particle (something physical) or like a wave (nonphysical). What’s even crazier about this experiment is that it changes by where the observer is standing…or how they are measuring. Meaning if they wanted to understand why the electron acted like a wave and they zoomed in to see what electrons did during the double slit experiment…then the electron acted like a particle instead of a wave.

So, what I really found this to mean…is even in physical scientific experiments…on the smallest level of looking at what all “matter” is made of—electrons…they’re changed by the way it’s observed. Which means the way you observe your life will determine how something will change. Your thoughts are actually energy, and energy is equal to mass, so where your thoughts focus upon…is what you will physically create in your life.

If you observe your life on a higher positive vibrational scale…you will change your truths. It’s much more than just thinking positive; it’s about how you observe things. I like to say this example, “the reason people’s lives don’t change is that they only try positive thinking…when in fact it’s about positive ‘BE-ing’. It’s not about trying something; it’s about knowing and becoming the thing you want before you become the thing you want. How you decide to view an event is the physical truth you will create for your life.”

I’ll include two videos so you can see the double slit experiment explained better at the bottom of this post on my website.

Now in this final experiment, I’ll talk about, it will bring home what I was just saying. There’s something called sympathetic resonance, which basically states that likened things will take on the same frequency from the thing that’s vibrating. So in the experiment, two tuning forks are beside each other, but not touching each other. One tuning fork is struck, and then the struck fork is stopped by someone putting their fingers on it to stop the vibrations and the tone. Now most of us would think that would stop the vibration and the noise we hear, and it does, but only on the struck fork. The fork that was next to it, is still vibrating and you can hear the same frequency pitch that the struck fork emitted in that second tuning fork that wasn’t touched.

So, what that means is the fork that wasn’t touched was affected by the other forks vibrational frequency. It took on the vibration and continued putting out the same noise. So now take this experiment and think about how your thoughts aren’t just thoughts. They are energy and they emit a frequency. So if thoughts are energy and energy is the same thing as mass, as something physical, then your thoughts are things. When your thoughts, your vibrational frequency, is put out into the world it basically is passed from one object…you…and then transferred to something within the world. Your focus will not only attract what you put your attention on, but it will also create it within this world as well.

The law of attraction isn’t just thinking positively…it’s aligning your thoughts to match frequencies of the things you desire. The universe is all about harmony. So what you put out the universe reciprocates in perfect harmony. The universe doesn’t differentiate what is good or bad as we do, it just reproduces what you give to it. And so, if you focus and put out negative frequencies…they are returned to you. But if you consistently focus on higher and better vibrational frequencies, then those…are returned to you.

Thoughts become things, and what vibrational frequency you emit into the universe is what will be created. But it’s more complicated than just creating things, it’s more about aligning yourself up with the frequencies that create the things you want. We have confused creating with alignment. The law of Conservation of Energy states that everything in this universe is neither created nor destroyed. When we truly understand this, then it’s not about creating our wants but it’s about aligning ourselves up with our wants. It’s about becoming the full embodiment of our wants before we obtain them. So I want you to really hear me on this…it’s not about creation…it’s about alignment.

You and the universe are in a collaborative, symphonic, performance together working to create a mutual harmony. Everything you do will be harmony, but will it be the tune you wish to be aligned with, or will it be the return of the things you focus on that you don’t want. Because as they say, the universe doesn’t judge…it just grants your wishes of what you’re focusing upon.

Now maybe this all might sound crazy to you, and I would’ve thought the same thing years ago, but I’ve seen too many miracles in my life to believe in them as only being happenchance or coincidences. And as they say, when the student is ready the teacher will appear, and many teachers appeared for me when I was open to seeing a deeper truth.

There are three examples that come to mind that have proven to me of these principles being true…and if I don’t convince you, that’s ok because I believe you should find your own truth and learn to live by it, but I’m hoping to help you see another possibility.

The first example of aligning myself was finding one of my greatest mentors, Mike. It was a time when I was looking for truth, not just what hand been spoon fed to me my whole life. I wanted to explore all possibilities. And it seemed rather lucky that at the time I was looking, that my actual next door neighbor, Mike, came into my life. And through a series of events, over a few years of being able to chat with him every day, I was gifted a chance to learn some of his higher wisdom no one had ever told me before. And while it seems like I was in the right place at the right time, it was the intention I put out into the universe…I wanted to hear a deeper truth and when I asked that Mike appeared…right next door in fact.

The next example is always a pleasant surprise when it happens, but it’s happened so many times that even though I’m surprised, I know better as it not being a coincidence. I’ve had many good friends come and go in my life, and there’ve been multiple times I would think about them after a few years of not communicating at all. The latest one was my buddy Dillan, we hadn’t talked in about 2 or 3 years, and as I was getting in my car to go to work he popped in my mind. I said, “I need to call Dillan, I wonder how he is doing.”

And the crazy thing is he called me. And it’s not that he called me a month later, he called me that exact day. Now mind you I wasn’t on Facebook looking for them, I wasn’t talking with friends or acquaintances who knew him who might have let him know I was talking about him. He lived in Washington at the time, and one small deliberate thought came into my mind, and I knew I wanted to talk with him.

Now I don’t know if Dillan was thinking about me and that’s why he came up in my mind to call him, or that he felt my thoughts about wanting to connect and that’s why he called me…but I’ve lost touch with friends over the years, and I would think about them, and they’d call me back that day or week. It’s happened too many times over the years to be an accident or to be called a coincidence. And as Einstein once said…”coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

My final example of the power of aligning my thoughts was when I was laid off from work. I was looking for a job but not too hard at the time. And I was getting bored from eating Cheetohs, Ramen noodles all while playing video games all day. It’s amazing how hungry you get doing nothing. So yes, I was a lazy bum during this time. After getting to my boredom breaking point, I decided something had to change. I decided to send out resumes in full force by doing something different. I made sure that everything I sent out, the recruiter had to physically touch. I wasn’t going to email anything. I was going to physically go to the building and hand them my resume, or I was going to fax it in so they had to touch the piece of paper to get it, or I was going to mail it through the post office so they would have to open the envelope and physically touch my resume.

In my second week of doing this, I started getting a bunch of calls. I was embarrassed I didn’t know who was calling me for interviews. I knew I sent out my resume to a bunch of companies, but I didn’t recognize any of the companies names that were calling me back. They say when you’re interviewing you should do your homework on the company, so I didn’t want to look like wasn’t doing my due diligence and not look interested or knowing anything about the positions I was applying for, but I had no clue who the company was when they contacted me. And after the 6th or 7th call within a week, I said sheepishly, “I’m really sorry to ask this, but I don’t know who you are, how did you get my resume? I don’t remember sending it to you.” And the recruiter said, oh I found you on an online resume site.

Now while that wouldn’t seem weird, the funny thing is I had my resume on that site for two years and hadn’t heard a peep from anyone…even when I was in the job before I got laid off. Now people will say that I must have triggered something by going on the site to look for jobs, but I didn’t go to that site to look for job placement ads. The only thing that had changed was me putting out specific energy and it being returned to me. I got what I was looking for; it just didn’t happen exactly how I was expecting it.

So in conclusion, the law of attraction has changed my life by teaching me that—what you can hold in your mind, you can create in your life…your mental energy creates substance. Your thoughts physically create things from where your focus resides. And there are four steps to help align yourself how you wish in your life:

  • 1) Know your imagination is energy; your thoughts create vibrations.
  • 2) Those waves will be put into the Universe
  • 3) The Universe will return what you put out there. The Universe is always in harmony with your thoughts, so pay attention to what you’re aligning yourself with.
  • 4) Learning from reciprocation. If the Universe returns what we give it, and we aren’t happy with how things are happening, be aware and ask how you can change your vibration. It’s about purity of mind. Your mind is like water; if you’re focusing on your lack, your weaknesses, and on how things don’t work out for you…then you make your mind darker. You make the purity of it unpalatable. The Universe doesn’t judge where your focus is, it returns what you give it.


And the more you practice this way of operating upon purity, then the better you’ll get at creating what you truly want, and you’ll be getting those things faster. And people will see your efforts as luck or call you a magician…but you’ll know it’s not magic per say…it’s focus.

Now I know this was a bunch of information, and maybe your head might be spinning at the moment. But I wanted to talk about physical proof of the power of our thoughts and the universe, not because I need to prove it to myself, but rather I wanted to give you some basis on actual science and experiments that open up your mind to possibilities.

For me, I don’t care so much about facts as I’ve seen the law of attraction happen in my life too many times to count. I like to think about it like the topic of love, you don’t need an explanation how it works, you know it works…and thus you spend your energy on what’s important…loving…instead caught in endless in figuring out that mystery.

A lot of the science I referenced, I made sure to talk with my good buddy Charles about. He graduated with an aeronautical engineering degree, so he understands this stuff better than I do…but he told me how he uses the law of attraction in his life.

He said, “I am in a dual feedback loop…the universe has something happen to me… and I will transmute it by making it positive and send that out to the universe which it will then react back to what I put out to it. I’m constantly taking back what the universe is giving me, and then focusing on keeping it on a positive higher frequency. I’m changing the Universe’s return frequency, as I stay consistent. I’m constantly updating. I’m taking the negative lower energies and continually updating it to higher positive frequencies to change what’s returned to me; you can’t B.S. the universe…it knows. You have to will it; you have to become what you put out there.”

And like what Charles said…the reason you change what the universe is sending you is not because you outplayed the Universe in its game, but the Universe saw your consistency in your focus and said, “I will give you back what you emit, I will give you back who you are.” So in the end, the law of attraction brings you what you want, not because you out willed something, but because you became what you wanted in every fiber of your being. When you understand that you are already wealthy, in every area of your life, you’ll find that your life changed not because you did something physically different, but you became different. Your vibrational energy aligned with abundance instead of lack…which in turn gives you the capacity to live beyond your dreams.

Today’s Personal Commitment:
This was a pretty long podcast, so I want to make this easier and only do a visualization to help you begin thinking and acting differently. Think of the Universe, or whatever you want to call it…God, Abba, Science, Energy… and visualize it as a person who you can talk with. This person knows you inside out, someone you can’t fool. And this person can grant you anything you focus on…this person will harmonize and return exactly what you put out there. Think of this person as sitting across the table from you, or next to the park bench you’re on, or going for a walk as you tell them what you want.

So the next time you want something or you want to become something different, instead of forcing things the old way of pushing back or trying to make things happen only physically…what if you were to change your energy to better harmonize with the Universe. What if you were constantly updating, not getting upset at what’s given to you because you know it’s not a punishment…it’s just the return of the energy you’ve been putting out into the world.

It’s my hope that if you see your exchange with the Universe on this deeper level, you will change how you interact with the Universe. You won’t throw your hands up in the air and say it’s just my luck… you will instead begin working on updating your energy to higher vibrational frequencies. You will work on purifying your mind to align better with the Universe. You will be like sympathetic resonance, you’ll be like that tuning fork, knowing whatever frequency you give out will be returned to you exactly as you’ve put it out there. So how pure is your mind, how high is your frequency…and do you focus more on abundance and the possibilities of what you want rather than the focusing on your lack—the things that you think are bad in your life or missing from your life?

But I do have to warn you, by choosing the path of purity and a higher vibrational frequency of your thoughts and your actions…you won’t be able to live in blame anymore. You won’t be able to say it’s not your fault, you won’t be able to live in the dark, ignorant, and unaware…you will know that everything you are a part of is your responsibility. And if you don’t like where you are, then you have to be diligent in constantly updating your mind and your ways.  Your thoughts are more than just random nothingness…they are energy, and energy is not only power…but it’s “matter” too. Your thoughts are things; you are a creator, and I hope you focus on creating well. I hope you remember that you’re already wealthy, because when you do remember this…everything changes.

I’m Already Wealthy

Dr Quantum

Light Experiment Double Slit




Thanks for listening.  I’m sending great energy your way as we become Strong Within together,
Personal Development Life Coach-
Chris O’Hearn

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