407 I Wait Patiently Through Action | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast February 2018 Sunday Week 3

407 I Wait Patiently Through Action | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast February 2018 Sunday Week 3

I Wait Patiently Through Action


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Smiling Sundays-#407 February 11th The Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast

I Wait Patiently Through Action

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”
~Leo Tolstoy

The right moment doesn’t reveal itself to us as we wish it would. We want things to be perfect, but wants and wishes will blind us from seeing a moment as what it is…already perfect. For in every moment there is perfection within it. Because in every moment is the chance to fall in love, it might be the moment when your million dollar idea hits you, and it might be that time when you come to your A-Ha moment that helps you to make sense of all the pathways of mistakes—brought you to this exact moment for a reason.


We spend our entire lives searching for the perfect moment that we miss the perfect moment. We’ve put a filter over our eyes looking for the exact time when things will be right…never truly understanding that that moment is right now. In some sense, you’ve come to the crossroads of protection and procrastination. We procrastinate because change is hard and we want to think about things which is a protective measure to make sure we don’t go down the wrong path. I mean you only have one life, so don’t waste it…right?


But thinking that way is the surest way to waste your life. Stalling in hopes to see the planets and stars align, is a sure recipe for failure, when you aren’t even sure what you’re looking for. And the only way to succeed is to move forward with full knowledge that falling is how we get to know what works and what doesn’t. It’s the only way we get to experience life and find perfection in every moment.


Today’s affirmation—I Patiently Wait Through Action, and the quote—”The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” seem to be in conflict with what I’m saying. And maybe it could be perceived that way, if you think that taking action is not part of waiting. And the surest way to miss your life is to lay in wait hoping to see the perfect moment when it happens. Waiting for perfection isn’t the same as being active while looking for perfection. And when we wait without moving forward in one manner or another…we miss out on great friendships by being too scared to get out into the world; we miss sunrises by waiting to see the stars; and we forget that what we speak, think, and act is what we manifest into the world.


I was having trouble brainstorming what to say for this podcast. I was procrastinating a bit. I watched some TV, I went out to Smoothie King to get a delicious Pineapple Surf smoothie, and I came back fighting working on this.


But I forced myself to write…for about 5 minutes. I was overwhelmed with all that work I’d done, and I needed a break, so I opened up my email. I opened up a letter someone had written me, and I was reminded about what we speak and focus upon we create in the world. Even though I’ve seen the great power of what affirmations have done in my life, and doing a daily on affirmations podcast, it can be easy for me to forget about the idea of purposefully projecting what I want into the Universe. I get caught in the routine of living life…not creating life.


And in this email the sender wrote:
“I want to share something with you. One morning last week I wrote ‘I am magnificent’ as my affirmation for the day. Immediately, I felt that I also need to write “I am wealthy,” which I did. Then I had breakfast and listened to your podcast (for the first time) . I chose # 376 without reading what it was about. And it was very interesting to hear what you were saying, so I listened until the end – when the affirmation said was “I am already wealthy.” Coincidence? We don’t think so, do we?”


So let us state what we want to manifest in our lives, and let’s get to work with faith and patience knowing we are on the path to achieving it. Most of the things I wanted, but didn’t get, were either because something better was meant for me, or I didn’t have enough faith to be patient while I moved forward. I get it; it’s easier to hope standing still than to move forward in good faith knowing it will all work out as it needs to be.


So are you standing still caught in a wishful hope…or are you moving forward with faith knowing you will manifest what you set your mind to?


Today’s Personal Commitment:
Take out a sheet of paper. Brainstorm and write down all the things you are waiting for right now without taking action on it one way or another. I’m not saying we need to take action on all of them, but look over the list and circle the three most important ones.


Then write down what actions you are taking while patiently waiting for the next steps to reveal themselves. Yes, I know sometimes we need to step back to allow things to work their way towards us, but also we need to take actions towards it in one way or another. It’s not that the early bird gets the worm…it’s that the bird is consistently getting up early every day to get what it needs. So if you are doing the work to learn more, to become better, or whatever you need to do in bringing you closer to your goal while you wait—what would that look like?


Life doesn’t just happen; we partake in life. And even if we aren’t moving in life, we are still partaking in it. Leo called patience and time great warriors. We too, are great warriors; but not in battle against patience and time, but more in moving with them instead of waiting or fighting against them. Because if we fight those great warriors, we will always lose. So let us be powerful by moving with time and patience, in doing what’s necessary to bring us closer to the things we wish to manifest into the world. Because the way I see it is we are never waiting; we are always preparing ourselves to be in better alignment. And that’s what great warriors do; they don’t wait they are always training and preparing.


I Wait Patiently Through Action



Thanks for listening.  I’m sending great energy your way as we become Strong Within together,
Personal Development Life Coach-
Chris O’Hearn

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