409 I Am Prepared For Anything That Comes My Way | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast February 2018 Tuesday Week 3

409 I Am Prepared For Anything That Comes My Way | Strong Within Daily Affirmation Podcast February 2018 Tuesday Week 3

I Am Prepared For Anything That Comes My Way


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I Am Prepared For Anything That Comes My Way

“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”
~Ronald Reagan

We live in an aggressive world. If you want something, you have to fight for it; you have to put on your armor and go to war. We use different language on how we pursue things, but when it all comes down to it…we are endlessly fighting life aggressively:

  • -As we wage war on drugs, cancer, addiction, obesity, or the current political candidate, etc.
  • -We talk about fighting the clock of old age or impending deadlines looming over us
  • -Maybe we might say my boss is out to get me, everyone is against me, or the devil is nipping at my heels everywhere I turn.
  • -Or maybe it’s our own excuses for why we can’t be who we want to be as we blame our conditioning from our parents, our teachers, or that evil piece of chocolate cake calling our name every night…


Now I’m sure you could come up with your own reasons why you’re at war daily. And this is not to say that some of those things can’t be real, but our demons will be of our own making. Yes, I know some people have been through hells I can’t even imagine, and I’m not minimizing their experiences. But what I am hoping, is to help people liberate themselves from their wars.


While painful, scary, and evil things can loom within the physical realm; some people will be broken by them, while others will become better because of them. And why is that? Is it superior physical strength, is it superior mental strength, or is it the luck of having a strong spirit within? I don’t think so. I believe it won’t hurt to have those things…but some of the strongest people I’ve come to know had a mental resiliency about them. They had an attitude of knowing that whatever happens to them they can come out the other side and be better because of focus.


My mentor Mike told me that how we experience things is up to us. So we can go through an emotion of pain for a moment, or we can go through it for the rest of our lives; the choice is ours. Yes, there’s physical pain, there’s mental pain, and maybe even spiritual pain. I’m not saying we can avoid pain altogether, but what I am saying is how long we decide to suffer…is up to us.


Suffering’s a choice; it’s a choice to continue to look for evidence of more pain in the present moment than to look for healing. And it’s easier to find suffering within pain, the real test is to find peace within your pain. The real test is to find ways to move forward when you feel stuck. The real test is to find life when it feels like it’s the end.


Quitting is easy, and we don’t see how much we let it affect our lives. We think quitting is only when we physically give up when we’ve exhausted all of our efforts. But a resilient mind doesn’t quit; it’s always looking for a way to view something better. It’s more than a will to survive, as survival is an instinctual reaction to find a way out…any way possible. But mental resiliency takes a different mindset than survival, as it’s about finding peace, love, and hope in any situation…rather than just getting through it. It takes a strength of never quitting, it takes a strength of being more creative in finding another way, and it takes the strength of belief in yourself when it would be easier to give in or give up on yourself. Because sometimes survival isn’t about making it through, but more in taking an easier road when we feel stuck.


The people we admire, the people who have what we want, or are doing what we want don’t come to their fortunes by chance. They’ve come to it with a resiliency to push past the pain, to become stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually…well hopefully. Some people win by cheating…but they don’t win in the long run. And you and I aren’t in this race of life for the short haul, we are in it until the end.


There’s a quote I like that says “go the extra mile; it’s never crowded there.” It’s easy to see the finish line and sprint for it, but the finish line isn’t our end goal. We let people influence us by telling us what’s important. It’s that shiny object we thought that would give us what we wanted. That new car, more money, that new house, that new relationship…but the getting of the thing is the start of the process. It’s about how you keep the things you seek. Because any fool can achieve something without really understanding the commitment involved in keeping it long term.


And I believe a fulfilling life isn’t in what we receive, but it’s in being prepared for whatever comes our way. And if being prepared for anything is one of our main goals in life, it won’t matter what we gain, or what’s taken away, or whatever devil comes our way—it will be the knowledge that the goal wasn’t the reward…it was the recognition to ourself to be tested and to come out the other side better because of it.


What if you shifted your focus away from fighting to have something, into allowing yourself to achieve it? What if you stopped trying to force yourself to the desired outcome, and you decided to be engaged by the obstacles in a healthier way? Because the only obstacle in your way is yourself—and the best way to win a war is not to be in one to begin with. The best way to create a fulfilling life is being prepared for what comes your way—by choosing not to suffer anymore but to free yourself. It’s the journey of focusing on finding ways to enjoy your life positively, and then helping others to do the same too.


Our happiness, our hope, and our victories are everyone else’s too. When you understand you aren’t fighting a war, you will engage things differently. And as my mentor Mike said, we can choose how we want to deal with our emotions. We can suffer for the rest of our lives by giving in and saying our mental fortitude isn’t resilient enough, we can go about our lives only trying to survive…reacitng to every situation holding on for dear life…or we can find better emotions and ways to live our lives in EVERY moment…not just when it suits us.


It takes a lot of energy to wage a war on everything that puts resistance against you. I think about martial arts, and how some forms practice the art of transferring their opponent’s energy back at them instead of fighting against them. When we are aggressively fighting everything that pushes back, we not only attract more aggression into our lives but it becomes our standard operating procedure.


Think of yourself as a manager, and every obstacle that you butt heads with you is one of your employees. Do you think a successful manager would fight every employee? Probably not, unless this manager was Bruce Lee of course, but they find a way to work differently—to work with their employees instead of fighting them. Now, sure the manager could fire each employee thus not having a company anymore, but I think there’s a better way than fighting. You are the author of your life story; you are the screenwriter of your movie. Are you going to be an action star beating everyone up in the end never really making any progress and probably dying a bloody death at the end? Or are you going to be the wise sage who doesn’t fight with everything but finds better ways to move about their life?


Today’s Personal Commitment:
How we engage energy is how energy will continually come into our lives. Maybe this might be difficult to think about because fighting back is what we’ve been taught—to fight back against what we don’t want. And I think we need to take a stand for the hard lines in our lives, but I also think there are better ways to engage things that seemingly engage us.


In nature a flower doesn’t fight back against the storm by getting rigid, it learns to sway with it, so it doesn’t snap at its stem. You can fight the universe all you like, but I’ll guarantee you won’t win. It has more patience than you. So think about the things you are fighting against in your life, and ask yourself the question of what if you were to do something different what would that look like? How could you go about this better…how could you be better at war by not getting into wars?


I don’t have the answers for you, but I think there are different ways we can go about finding those answers. If we only know one action—engagement head on—you will be a General within an eternal war losing overtime because you never learned to adapt appropriately.


I’m challenging you to to be prepared for anything by transferring energy better rather than fighting head-on against it every time. So write down the battles you’ve been fighting so hard against…and losing, and ask if there’s a better way. Write down your answer and write down how you plan on taking action and then following through consistently.



I Am Prepared For Anything That Comes My Way



Thanks for listening.  I’m sending great energy your way as we become Strong Within together,
Personal Development Life Coach-
Chris O’Hearn

Contact info- email: chris@strongwithin.com  phone:865-219-3247


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