Becoming Strong Within Course

Becoming Strong Within Course

I wanted to congratulate you on taking the first step in becoming the best version of yourself.  With this course I know you will begin to process things differently.  In my own growth and those of my students I have seen the surest way to change and become the people we want to be is by becoming strong from the inside out.  It is why I have named my brand Strong Within.  When we do the internal work, it will naturally start manifesting into the realities we desire.  Lasting change comes from within and I am looking forward to seeing you truly change as I can promise you one thing.  If you work this course and do the work continually, not just here and there, then you will become the person you want to be.

The course is split up into 5 sections of Awareness, Beliefs, Affirmations, Appreciation, and Mindfulness.  There are 20 lesson videos and the videos are anywhere from 5-10 minutes.  There will be a PDF worksheet at the end of each section for you to print out. What you will need for this course besides a computer or phone to watch the videos is a journal or notebook, a 3 ring binder, and a hole punch to put the sheets in the binder (if you have 3 ring binder sleeves you can do that too).

When you do the work you can either do it on the PDF sheet, your journal/notebook, or both.  Have a binder or notebook that is used only for this course and nothing else. I want this to be your main focus and not to be distracted or mixed up with anything else.  Also after you finish you will come back to the sheets from time to time to see the growth you have gone through.  Make sure to write down something for all the questions, if you need to come back to a question later.  It’s easy to skip things or not do them at all.  The reason we NEED to take our time thinking and writing our answers down is the writing part connects with the subconscious.  Also writing things down makes it more concrete.  How many times have you said you would remember something and you didn’t write it down and you couldn’t remember what you needed to do later on in the day?  So feel through this work and make sure to do the work.  It can’t work through you if you don’t work through it.

It is my recommendation to focus on one lesson per week and work on it everyday or re-look your work over day.  Watch the videos more than once, as I wanted this to be something you can come back to anytime int he future.  Habits happen by us continually working on them EVERYDAY.

I am looking forward to seeing your growths and successes.   Feel free to email my personal email at to let me know your wins, your challenges, any questions you have.  When you finish the program, or when you are going through the program I would appreciate your feedback on anything you think is great, something I missed, or anything else that catches your attention.  Welcome to the Strong Within community.

I have the courses set up in the order they should be taken so try not to skip ahead.  Go in the chronological order they are arranged in.

Here’s a break down of each section-



Have you felt that you were meant for great things, but keep finding yourself coming back to old patterns or places in your life that keep you stuck? Have you ever said that’s just my luck and questioned why things don’t go your way? We cannot change our lives until we become aware of what we want, who we truly are, what we are capable of, and what has been holding us back. The greatest journey you will ever traverse is one of self-discovery. It’s easy to know another person and see why they act the way they do, but the hardest person to know is yourself. This lecture series is a process of finding more clarity about yourself and more awareness in your life, so that you can begin creating the life you truly desire.

Included in this segment will be a video series of 5 sections:

1) Storytelling

2) No right or wrong

3) Focus

4) Clarity

5) Becoming aware

Along with each section will be an accompanying workbook PDF to help you take your internal growth even further.



We grow up and being told who we are, what to believe, and how the world works. We build our lives, knowingly and unknowingly, from our parents, our religions, our friends, and the other influences within our lives. Our beliefs dictate why we do what we do. Our life is like driving a car, except we are driving blindfolded. Going in a certain direction “blind” from what we have been taught or told ourselves. Some beliefs are good, and others not so much, but until you can take a look at what you want you will be continuing down the same road the same way. We create a story about who we are, what we deserve or don’t deserve, and we build our lives upon the stories we tell. Within this lecture series we will look at the beliefs you have created, how to change those beliefs that aren’t working for you anymore, and creating the story of your life you wish to be telling. Change is simple. It’s about telling a new story if the old one isn’t working. This video series will look at helping you to understand how you can begin telling the story you wish to be living and help make it a reality.

Included in this segment will be a video series of 4 sections:

1) Belief is a Habit

2) Change Your Story Change Your Life

3) What Are Your Beliefs

4) What is Holding You Back

Along with each section will be an accompanying workbook PDF to help you take your internal growth even further.



Words are powerful. What we state in our life is what we make true for our life, and every word we think, every thought we focus upon, and every action we conduct is an affirmation. This video series is the beginning gap to bridging your conscious thoughts to your to your subconscious efforts. The conscious mind’s power is only a fraction of the effectiveness of the subconscious. Your life is like that of a boat captain. The consciousness is telling the subconscious which way to go as it turns on auto pilot. What if you could harness the power of the subconscious to work efficiently for you? Working harder isn’t the answer, yes we need to put in industriousness, but when you learn to work smarter you will find your goals coming to you. Most people go about their dreams unknowing that they are fighting themselves along the way. You are the ONLY obstacle. What if you were to step out of your way and affirm a better life?

Included in this segment will be a video series of 4 sections:

1) What Are Your Affirmations

2) Word Structure

3) Action Steps

4) Examples

Along with each section will be an accompanying workbook PDF to help you take your internal growth even further.



The reason our lives will ever be great is by one amazing emotion that we forget to express as we get lost in the HAVE to’s of life. Taking a moment to find ways to be in more appreciation is one of the greatest things you will ever do. In this video lecture series I will remind you about the power of appreciation, how to utilize it more often, and help you think about your life and problems differently. Do you question what’s missing in your life? DO you say things like if I had more money, if I had that relationship I want, if only I had that one thing that has eluded me then I could be happy? What if I were to help you find a way to be happy before you achieve that one thing you desire? Reaching fulfillment in our lives begins with appreciation. Let me show you a way to reach your purpose easier, and to enjoy your journey along the way.

Included in this segment will be a video series of 4 sections:

1) Taking a Moment To Pause

2) Greatest Emotion

3) Acknowledgment and Discontent

4) How To

Along with each section will be an accompanying workbook PDF to help you take your internal growth even further.



Mindfulness is the active pursuit to find ourselves within the moment. The purpose of life is to be present to FULLY experience each moment we are a part of. We spend our lives wishing for the past to be different, wishing for the future to be here already and our lives to be amazing, that we forget to be within the present moment. There is an old saying “when we are depressed we are focusing on the past, when we are anxious we are focusing upon the future, when you are at peace you are living in the present.” In this series we will take a look at the journey into mindfulness and how to stay there. We are living a life were we are more stressed than ever before, where we are sicker as a society than we have ever been, where we are more depressed in our lives. The answer is not in medication or in the fleeting things that we build our hopes upon. This series will be a good starting point to helping you find the peace in your life to begin taking your life in the direction you desire.

Included in this segment will be a video series of 3 sections:

1) What is Mindfulness

2) Mastering Mindsets

3) Meditation

Along with each section will be an accompanying workbook PDF to help you take your internal growth even further. There will also be MP3s of guided meditations for you.


Course Materials

Make sure to have: A journal or notebook to write in and a 3 ring binder. Use them only for this course.


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