It's my mission to help people discover their inner superhero.

The greatest relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves.

My purpose in life is to show people how to empower themselves as they master themselves, their emotions, challenges, lives, and dreams.

This is my story. What’s yours?

About Chris

When I was nine, I opened up my first comic. From then on, my life would never be the same.
Growing up we all look to find our heroes, and my first one was Spider-Man. I was so excited to get my comic in the mail each month.

While I was a collector at heart, I wasn’t only collecting for the art or value. I was collecting stories of people embracing the struggles just as I had felt in my life. I was learning lessons of how superheroes lived their lives. They put altruism above power, wealth, or frivolous pleasures. They always sought to do what was right even when they were tempted with the easier path.

I could identify with superheroes because I also had a secret identity. I dealt with years of undiagnosed depression and suicidal thoughts; and like any great superhero, I could never let anyone know I was vulnerable. I thought that admitting that I was hurting would mean I was weak.

By the age of 25 I felt dead. I was lost emotionally, mentally, and physically. I knew that the path I was on would either lead to suicide or self-destruction. I did not want either of those options so I chose to be fully committed to my healing. It was through my healing that I found my purpose. I live to teach people how to empower themselves and master their emotions, challenges, lives and dreams. I put up the mirror to help people see the superheroes living within.

I, too, had to realize that I was the author of my life story, not the narrator. Now I want to help others take their pen back and begin writing the life story they have always wanted to share with the world. Let me help you learn how to help yourself and to become strong within.


Find Your Inner Superhero

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