Year of Poetry Day 338 It Feels Good

Year of Poetry Day 338 It Feels Good

Chris O'Hearn Strong Within Year of Poetry Day 338 It Feels Good

I let go of the rope
That I’ve been holding onto,
I unlock the chains
I cuffed myself to,
I turn and face
The direction I’ve always wanted to…
And begin walking.
The sky opens up like I’ve never seen it before
As I pause for a moment to be in awe
Of the freedom I’ve been granted.
Dropping my baggage I’ve held onto,
Letting go of playing the victim,
As I’m the only one who decided what I was chained to.
And it feels good knowing it was always me
Making the choice
To stay stuck or to begin moving.
It feels good finally moving,
It feels good walking towards an opening I’ve been dreaming of,
It feels good being awake and alive again.
CJO 7-15-17


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