Year of Poetry Day 339 In All The Small Things

Year of Poetry Day 339 In All The Small Things

Strong WIthin Chris O'Hearn Year of Poetry Day 339 In All Small Thinigs

Simple conversations on the phone,
Dandelions turning to face the sun,
The lapping sound of a consistent tide hitting shore,
Makes my heart pause
As I am transported from chaos
To calm within in an instant.
Making connections with strangers,
Feeling a cool wind upon my face on a humid day,
Dips in the road that feel like a roller coaster within my car,
Awaken me
Almost slapping my face
Telling me to pay attention
To the beauty that you’re missing.
While I’ve been searching for those big wins,
I’ve felt most alive
Being inside each moment
Noticing the attention to detail
That God put
In all the small things
That never were small…
I just hadn’t taken time to notice them before.
CJO 7-16-17


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