Year of Poetry Day 425 – The Pain We Know

Year of Poetry Day 425 – The Pain We Know

Chris O'Hearn Year of Poetry The Pain We Know

I seem to always write when I’m tired
And the thoughts won’t come
As I gravitate towards wanting to talk about fatigue and lack of thoughts.
Why do we do
what we know we should
at the last moment?
Is it a way of avoiding
Is it a way of saving something that’s important to us for last
Or is it just bad habits?
I’m not sure, but the box I’ve painted myself in
Isn’t bringing creativity
It’s keeping me trapped
In the same thoughts.
And maybe life’s the similar
When we come to ideas with the same old tired disdain
We create s prison
That keeps us trapped in mediocrity.
For some, that’s a comfort because change is scary
But when there is no change
It can only bring pain
As hell is the idea of living your same fear over and over again
And so we live that way
Suffering through the same ideas and fears
Afraid that the pain we don’t know
Will be worse than the pain we do.
CJO 10-10-17


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